Day 2. January 2, 2013-Finish insurance claim paperwork

So it is now 10:15 on my first day not working.  I have checked my emails 3 times already.  I need to stop that.  My dogs are looking at me like what’s happening why are you here?  Maybe I’ll take them for a walk.  That’s a good plan.  Of course I probably should do something more productive like organizing stuff.  I do need to get to that insurance claim.  That gives me an idea of what my resolution could be.  Get one major thing accomplished each day, look at what took me so long to get to it and blog about it.

That’s my resolution.  Today I start with my insurance claim paperwork.

It is now 8:00pm and I am happy to say that I managed to finish the claim.  You might be thinking how difficult could this task be right?  Well let me explain.  My house was broken in to a few weeks ago and one would think that a police report would be enough to show what was stolen. Not the case.  I not only had to rewrite everything on the insurance company forms but they asked for all sorts of information such as item, brand, when and where did you buy it, cost and documentation showing that you owned it (and of course the form is so small you can’t fit everything in).  I am surprised they didn’t ask me to sign in blood.

Well I don’t know about you but I don’t keep my receipts after I know I am not going to return the item so I have had to go to some of the stores and get some otherwise I needed to find photographs showing the items or manuals of the electronics.   This was an under taking.  I did not have documentation of any sort for some stuff so I hope they trust what I have written.  The good thing is I finished my very first task.

So all day I was being very diligent and also looking at why something so important would take so long.  I found some clues.  One is I hate to go to the stores (especially at Christmas) and two every time I got up to look for something I would start something else or I would loose my glasses and walk around for 10 minutes looking for them.  Seriously, I do not know how they always get lost.

Task for tomorrow is make the guest room a guest room and not the laundry room.  I mean I have guests coming on the 4th.

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