Day 6. January 6, 2013-Clean out the fridge

Most people start their new year on January 1.  I do not since my birthday is on the 5th.  I always start any plans of eating better and exercising after my birthday.  So like every year today was the day to get started.  I actually woke up very late and proceeded to head over to Denny’s with my cousin Loli, her husband Bob and son Owen and pig out.  The last meal full of junk (although I did order poached eggs as if it made a difference).

So then I sat around for several hours avoiding the task at hand.  Clean out the fridge, head to Publix and prep for the week ahead.  My idea is that every Sunday I will stock up on healthy foods, clean them and prep them for the up coming week.  I have this bad habit of getting home and deciding it is easier to go out than cook at home so having everything ready means it should inspire me to cook.  I really am disappointed in myself for not cooking as much as I should.  You see I am a really good cook and I love doing it.  I have just gotten lazy.  As part of my new life I am going to get off my butt and cook.

So let’s check out the fridge transformation.  Out with the junk, in with healthy fruit and vegetables, all cleaned and ready to go.  I even boiled some eggs for a quick snack choice.  I am ready.


SO one thing I learned to day is do not wait until the end of the day to go shopping.  It is something I knew but forgot.  The store was packed and everything looked picked over.  Next week I wake up early and head to the store.

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