Day 7. January 7, 2013-A few of the little stuff equals one major thing

So today I decided I needed to tackle a few of little things which required driving all over the place.  In case you didn’t know I hate driving so running errands always takes a back seat.  This morning since my guests were still sleeping and I did not want to wake them I decided to tackle these errands.  I decided to go to the bank first.  I hate going to the bank worse than driving and I had to go to two different banks.  That took about an hour and well I am just glad it was done.  I then proceeded to the chiropractor then to federal express to drop off the insurance claim I finished last week.   These individual tasks do not take long but put them together with the driving, getting in and out of the car, locking the door (which I never used to do until the break in) and un locking which requires finding keys just makes it a long process (and is the reason I avoid it).  On the way back I used my time in the car to make several appointments I have been avoiding.  

Now to the fun stuff.  Bob, my cousin’s husband, offered to teach me some things on the Mac which I did not know how to do.  I had mentioned how I hate that i can not find anything and that nothing ever shows up in alphabetical order.  He laughed and told me I was using an antiquated method for filing.  He introduced me to Evernote.  I had downloaded it when I first got my Ipad but couldn’t figure out what to do with it.  Wow is all I can say. Love it.  Then I learned how to scan from my printer and how to get emails to show up in my mailbox.  These are all little things that have kept me from organizing so many things in my house.  I have papers everywhere that I want to eliminate but the thought of putting everything in folders and naming everything in such a way that I would remember years from now was too much.  Then he told me about Lifehacker.  This page is just what I needed.  It helps people get organized with Apple apps.  Just what I need t get through this year.  I would say that all took about 45 minutes.  Best 45 minutes I have spent in awhile.

We also took care of some software upgrade and now I am set.  Thank you Bob Cox.

What I enjoyed about today is that since I ate the frog first the rest of the day went by smoothly and was way more fun.  Now I have to go, my dogs are barking for their treats.

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