Day 9. January 9, 2013-Finances Cont.

Being financially responsible is tedious but necessary.  I haven’t been very good at it the last couple of years although I have been doing some pretty good saving and investing.  I know I can do better.  Like everything else I have just gotten lazy.

So after several hours of categorizing I have found some interesting things.  Last year I spent a lot of time parking on the street.  It seems like every other transaction was parking.  I think I am liking the old parking meters more and more right now.  Put the change in and forget about it and plus I was able to get rid of all the change my husband brings home (now I collect it and it gets stolen).  Sure I would not have been able to track that money but then I would not be spending so much time on the accounting thing either.  Hard to tell what is better, knowing or not.  50/50 on that one.

The other thing I made a lot of transactions with is the vet.   Charlie is sick and it seems I am running over for medication or special food or appointments.  It’s ridiculous.   I need to simplify this.   I am going to see if they can just bill me every month.  It would save me so much time (which I think is part of finances since my time is valuable).

The most interesting thing was I did not notice one single mortgage payment transaction.  These are automatic payments but they are not showing up in the list.  How can quicken accurately help me budget without those transactions.  I am sure there are more so I’ll keep doing this till its all done.  It is a necessary evil.

I am so glad I decided to take this resolution on.  I really did not realize how out of touch I was with my everyday responsibilities.

If you are in the same boat leave me a message.  It would be nice to see that I am not alone. But if I am alone then encourage me so I do not stop.

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