Day 10. January 10, 2013-Finances cont.

I am tired of looking at my expenses.  It is driving me crazy.  Even worse was the little money that I made last year.  OMG, there was an income that I could not for the life of me figure out what it was.  I just remembered.  Partial unemployment that I applied for.  I know my thought process just went from one thing to the next.  This is great.  Even more proof of why I never get anything done.  Really this is pretty much how I get through my day.  Imagine what it would look like if I was not trying seriously hard to just stay on one task.  I did not used to be like this.  I need to figure out how I got to this.  But not today.  Back to finances.

I got smart today.  I realized I could sort the transactions so I did and it was so much faster to categorize.  Why this took me three days to figure out is mind boggling.  But I did and managed to get about 95% done.  Only thing that is left is the checks, which I need to log on to the bank and look so I will finish this weekend) and to figure out how to show the money I am using for the store I invested in.  This will require a conversation with my accountant.  One of my tasks for tomorrow.  I figured since I was in the money mode I should talk to him and get ready for taxes for last year and set up stuff for this year.  You see not working is allowing me to do other things and opportunities are just showing up.

Of course I do have to credit the resolution to blog.  I know it has only been 10 days but seriously I am amazed at what can be accomplished when you keep the nonsense out of your day.  And the funniest things happen.  For instance I have been trying to always have a few tasks in front of me so that I never wake up without something to do.  One of the things was to call Santi my landscape contractor to clean up my yard and add gravel on the two sides of the house, get an area ready for me so I can start my herb garden and a few other jobs.  Well this morning the crew was cleaning out the yard.  They told me to call Santi and when I did he suggested I add gravel on the sides of the house so the dogs would not get so muddy.  I have not spoken to Santi in a good six months so you can imagine my shock.  So in theory I accomplished a major task just by thinking about it.  The other thing thing was that I decided I needed to learn as much as I could about guns so I could be clear about my choice about gun control.  I decided this after a conversation with my cousin’s husband Bob over the weekend.  We do not see eye to eye but it made me think that I needed to educate myself a bit more.  This was going to be one of my major tasks.  So today on the radio there was an ad about a gun show in Fort Lauderdale.  I thought oh I should go just to look and maybe talk to some people and then I went on my merry way.  Ok so that was a slight coincidence but here is the freaky one.  I was in a meeting with a friend and a friend of hers.  At one point the girl says I have to go I am going shooting.  I was like what kind of shooting?  She said skeet shooting.  I said oh cool.  Then she continued by saying she does all kinds of shooting and has all types of guns and proceeded to tell me what kinds.  I responded with OMG one of my to do’s this year is to learn everything I can about guns and learn how to shoot.  She was like i’ll take you, you will just need to take a safety course which is no big deal.  I do not know about you but this is freaking me out.

I can not wait to accomplish something tomorrow.  


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