Day 11. January 11, 2013-It is all about art

Today my 1st goal was to buy my Palette Breakfast ticket for the Coconut Grove Art Festival.  It is a nice breakfast and you usually get to meet the artist who does the festival poster.  I have been doing it for a few years with my Happy Hour friends.  It is always good to get some food in your stomach before proceeding to drink your way through the festival.  We used to sell beer to raise money for Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic but the last couple of years it ended up not worth it because the beer sponsors made it impossible to actually make any money for the charities.  I managed to get the order in.  Now I just need to wait to see if I made it.  They only sell 100 tickets.

My second goal which I almost forgot about was to make it to Artcycle.  Artcycle was started to raise money for bicycle safety awareness and education.  Fifteen used bikes were donated and fifteen artists created art with them.  The bikes will be auctioned off later this month.  They were first shown during Art Basel at different locations and today they were all in one gallery in South Miami as part of SOMI Art Walk.  I donated one of the bikes and wanted to check out the final piece because I missed it during Art Basel.

The bike that I donated was a bike I bought when I spent 3 months in Germany.  It is a big heavy bike used for transportation.  The bike was huge, way to big for me but I was having a hard time giving it up even though I didn’t ride it.  You see the bike had come back with me from Germany then I took it Australia then Abu Dhabi and then back to Miami.  So when I heard about the project I donated it right away.  I thought this is a good cause and it felt right.  Here is the cool part I got to meet the artist Giselle at another event because she was there with my bike.  She told me the name of her piece and project was HOPE. I was like no way my name is Esperanza, which means Hope.  Neither of us could believe it.  So anyway here is a photo of the bike before and after.


I had totally spaced out and thought these were going to be in Midtown and since I forgot about it until late in the day I was going to miss it.  But once again some freaky thing happened.  I was walking home from happy hour and what do you know.  The gallery hosting the bikes was on my route.  I was so excited.  I had my dogs with me so I quickly went home and dropped them off before returning to check out the bikes.  Then as I was walking up one of my triathlon team mates and her boyfriend showed up at the same time so I was able to see the show with some friends.

Basically what I learned today is that if you concentrate at one thing at a time things will get done.

2 thoughts on “Day 11. January 11, 2013-It is all about art

  1. wow, espe, here is another example of how the holy spirit works, calling the project hope and its your name, there are no coincidences they are movements of the holy spirit and then walking home and you see the gallery with the bikes.

  2. I cant believe the bikes project name was Hope ???? I am dumdounded…and loving this blog…

    Tomorrow i go to a mtg with a favorite client of ours…..:((((((

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