Day 12. January 12, 2013-Tackle the pantry

This entire weekend is dedicated to the kitchen.  I love to cook but  my kitchen is unorganized and I am not inspired.  Last Sunday I started a new thing where I am going to go to the grocery store every Sunday and get all the food prepped for the week.  In order to really do this right I needed to go trough the pantry and get that organized.

Here is a picture of part of my pantry.  I can not even see what is in there so the first thing I did was empty it.



I was amazed at what was in there.  There were things in there that I do not even like for instance tarter sauce and there were two bottles.  I was not sure how to start so first I decided to get rid of all expired food (seriously I had stuff that expired in 2009).  When I got to stuff like flour, rice ect., that I had transferred to a container I had to look online to see how long stuff lasts.  I found this cool website that tells you these sorts of things. ( )  It was very interesting.  Did you know white rice can last up to 25 years but brown only 6-8 months.  White flour also lasts 2-3 months longer than wheat flour.  There must be a lesson in that when it comes to eating this stuff.  So after doing that I ended up with three bags of expired food.  What a waste of food.


I then proceeded to organize what was left by type of ingredients like rice, sugar, beans until everything was grouped.  So what I found is that I am obsessed with rice, black beans and tuna.  I have white rice, brown rice, wild rice, black rice and rice with herbs and look how many cans of tuna and beans I have.  So after 2 hours of non stop working I have an organized pantry.


What I learned was that I have wasted a lot of money buying stuff that I never used.  Being unorganized is expensive because I am sure there is a couple hundred dollars worth of expired food in those bags.  I am really happy having accomplished this today.  Tonight when I make my list for the grocery store I will know not to buy tuna beans or rice.  Pretty set with those items.  Surely I will come home with less food which means it will be less expensive.

My next task will be the rest of the kitchen.  I will be starting that tonight because I know I will not be able to finish in one day.  Can’t wait.

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