Day 13. January 13, 2013-It is time to organize the kitchen cabinets

Today was a long day.  I started at 10am and it is now 5:30pm and I have not stopped.  Taking on the cabinets in one day was a big challenge but I stuck to my plan and actually finished.  Well I did get a jump start last night by emptying the big kitchen drawers and the under the counter cabinet.  These were the worst.  I could never find anything and it got to the point that I was just throwing everything into the drawers.  It was driving me crazy.

So last night I also did some research on how best to organize the big drawers.  I mainly ended up looking at photos but I got some good ideas so this morning I headed to The Container Store and picked up a couple of things.  I got a tall skinny container so that I could put the tops of all my pans and save some room in the drawers and some of the shelving so that you can double stack the dishes.

I started with the drawers.  They are easy to access and I wanted to put the stuff I use all the time in there.   I started with the pots and pans and then mixing bowls.  I was able to put all of them in the drawers.  It came out perfect.  The next step was the under the counter cabinet.  It is a very cumbersome cabinet since it is a corner one.  I decided to start putting the things I rarely use in there toward the back.  I also wanted my container with all my jamming supplies easy to get to.  I know I would make more jams if I didn’t have to pull everything out to get to that container.  So I put that up front.  Then I organized the glass baking pans by putting the larger ones in the back and the smaller one I use more often to the front.

Then is was time for the upper cabinets.  I hated how I had originally stored everything.  I had all my dishes in the corner cabinet and it was hard to get things and everything was double stacked and on top of that I could not reach anything on the 3rd shelf.  So I emptied those cabinets and brought in the new shelves I bought and everything seemed to fall into place.

I then did the cabinet with my spices.  That was in pretty good shape since I had tackled that a few months back.  All I did there was clean it up a bit.

As I write this I feel like it really was not than much work but it was.  I am exhausted.  But my kitchen is ready to go and I am happy with how it turned out.  I can not believe I waited so long to do this.

What I learned today is that I really need a 3 step stool for my kitchen.  I also learned my laziness caused me grief all of these years and had I gotten off my butt years ago I could have been enjoying my beautiful kitchen all this time.  I am really starting to get the do it now message.

Now here are some photos of the after.  I forgot to take the before ones but believe me it was a mess.


Dishes all neat and easy to use.


Drawers all nest.


Again nice and neat.


Kitchen is ready.


Morning coffee ready.


Spice area.


Glasses fit in one place.


Corner upper cabinet with stuff I do not use everyday.


Lower cabinet all nice and neat.

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