Day 15. January 15, 2013-Its all about the training

Today I chose to make my big accomplishment about my training for the Nautica South Beach Triathlon. This triathlon is a big fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and my triathlon team is part of the corporate challenge.  The corporate challenge is about teams coming together to raise money and have a friendly competition.  Last year I was the top fundraiser for our team and I was thrilled at how much I raised.  It is easy for me to do.  Plus every time I see a story about one of the kids I can not help but try and help (this is of course after I finish crying). My friends might say that I was so annoying they finally broke down and donated.  Yes, that is what I do.  I wear people down.  I am relentless.  But its for the kids.  I cannot help it.

What I struggle with is training.  It takes me awhile to get in a routine.  Lately I have not been doing much at all and I knew that if I did not get started soon I might not start at all.  The lazy side of me was settling in.  I was starting to be disappointed in myself and I was not happy about it.  Every  Monday I kept saying today is the day and then all of a sudden it was Sunday and I had not done anything.  This week was different.  On Sunday I received a donation from my swim coach, Aaron Ciarla.  It was a generous donation.  Donations do motivate me so I was like ok I really do need to start.  So today I made all the work outs.  6:00am swim, 7:30am weight training and 11:00am bike workout.  For me that was a huge accomplishment.

I do not know why it took so long to get motivated.  This is my favorite race and I love the reason that I am doing it.  I have been trying to see what is holding me back and I can not think of anything but I know there is something.  It is different than some of the other tasks because I am not being distracted by other things.  I am certain that It will come to me in the next few weeks so for now it is what it is.  The good thing is that I started and that is the first step in any accomplishment.

Since I did not blog yesterday I just wanted to touch on a little about my day yesterday.  Yesterday I wanted to for once in my life finish all the laundry in one day.  I never get it done and it drives me nuts.  I had one load of sheets in that I must have washed 4 times because I would forget about it and then it smelled moldy so I had to start over.  So I set out to finish before I went to bed.  I was very close.  The last load did not make it to the dryer but I am still happy with the result.  I managed to finish it today.  I am going to continue working on this until it becomes habit.

A couple of things are starting to happen.  One is I am starting to realize routine is key to staying organized.  Now I am not one for routine, I like living by the seat of my pants but I need to change this a little in order to say organized.  I did already go to the grocery store on Sunday as part of my new routine.  It was great.  I planned my meals, made a list of what I needed and was in and out of the store in 20 minutes.  I also did not buy anything that was not on the list and in turn had one of the cheapest grocery bills in a very long time.  Two is that people are starting to send me articles on being organized or how to use a program to help me or just saying that they tackled a big project today. I love that.  My purpose for this blog was to keep me on track but I am liking the side effects.  Three (and I love this one) I received a belated birthday present from Jennifer King, my step niece today.  She brought me seeds and a gnome for my herb garden.  I think I will be pushing that project forward.


My seeds and gnome.

If you accomplished a major project or task today I would love to hear about it.

By the way if you would like to help me raise money for St. Jude’s here is the link to my fundraising page.

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