Day 16. January 16, 2013-Catch up the SOAS account

Today I was supposed to eat the frog first (it did not happen).  I have an account at the store that I have been avoiding for months.  I do not understand how the packing slips and the invoices match up.  Actually they don’t.  So today I had to attack this thing (the frog).  I got to the store and moved paper for awhile, made coffee, ate some little pastries that Andre brought in, talked to him, played with Bandido (the mascot dog), talked to Magui while she ate her lunch and everything else I could think of.  I avoided this thing like the plague.  So after who knows how long I started.  Really it was not as bad I thought it was going to be but it still sucked.  After a few emails and 1 or 2 conversations with the accounting department I made some progress.  It felt good to get rid of some paper work  today.  I hate paper work.  Tomorrow I have a few things to do and that account is up to date.  Yahoo is about time.

I am finding that some of the tasks I take on can not be done in one day because life does get in the way.  Like today.  I had to take the dogs for their yearly check up.  That took way longer than I thought but it is seriously impossible to schedule that additional time since you never know how long it will take.  Also now that my kitchen is all organized I could not leave the dishes in the sink like I used to.  Well that meant emptying the dishwasher and loading the dirty dishes.  Well that was unplanned time in my schedule.  In addition, my computer has been acting up.  Nothing has been working.  I have been at this since 6:30pm. And well that is just how it goes. It will be interesting figuring out how to get it all done once I start working again.  I knew this was going to be difficult, I just didn’t know how difficult.

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