Day 19. January 19, 2013-It ended up being all about a nap

I accomplished a lot today.  I started the day by running 4.5 miles in the cold rain.  I could have waited but I wanted to run with my team.  It has been awhile since I have trained with them.  Leave it to me to start today.  I only went because I committed to it and well that is part of my year long transformation.  I am glad I went and got it out of the way early.  After I warmed up it really was fine.  Certainly better than running in the heat.

Accomplishment two was to hire a landscape contractor for my Mom’s house.  My mom has been after me for years to get her yard done.  She always tells everyone that she cannot seem to find a good landscape architect.  It’s cute since i am always standing right there.  Today was the day.  I met my contractor at her house and we now have a plan.

Accomplishment three was to hire a contractor to fix the damaged floor in my kitchen and install a hurricane rated door in my laundry room.  Done and dusted today.

Attempted accomplishment four was to go pick strawberries.  My friend Karla and I were headed out but were hungry so we stopped to eat at a local chain restaurant.  She wanted ribs (I ordered something else).  We ordered the food.  The ribs and the fries were terrible.  She didn’t say anything at first.  We decided to get new fries so we did that.  The waiter then says “the ribs are ok right”?  Well this began the funniest restaurant experience.  Karla looked at him (if you only knew Karla, she has some very funny expressions and today was no different) and said “well not really”.  The waiter made a smart move and called the manager.  We spoke to him for a bit about the ribs and he then offered Karla another plate.  She ordered a burger cooked medium well.  It finally came out and I swear that burger could have walked out of the restaurant it was so raw.  I give Karla some credit because she ate part of it.  Waiter comes back all happy and asked.  I was like really don’t ask you don’t want to know the answer.  He laughed and finally we showed him the burger and he just shook his head.  He didn’t take the order his manager did so we just laughed about it.  So during lunch Karla gets a call from some friends that are headed to her house.  She asked if it was ok to skip the strawberries.  She was like I see the signs not to go.  So I was ok no problem it will give me more time to get stuff done at work.  So I didn’t make it to the strawberries.

Which brings me to unplanned accomplishment five.  A nap.  Really what a perfect day for a nap.  It was overcast and cooler than normal.  I was just going to lie down for 10 minutes.  I was woken up by a phone call from my sister 3.5 hours later.  I was out cold.  Now that is what I call a nap.

What I learned today.  Gotta laugh at the misfortunes in your day.   

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