Day 20. January 20, 2013-Figure out what camera to buy and from where

Woke up this morning and did my normal Sunday errands, put a stew in the crock pot, vacuumed and mopped the floors and then sat down to do some research on cameras.

I am missing my camera so today I felt like I had to figure this out.  My first thought was just to buy the same camera, the Nikon D90.  But Steve said I should upgrade.  He is good that way.  So I asked a friend who had just bought a new camera.  She gave me her input and with that and my comparing I decided on the D800.  Now the hard part.  Where to buy it.  Really you can spend hours on line comparing prices and what accessories come with the order and shipping costs.  It is insane how many web sites there are and how do you know which one you can trust.  In addition to on line I had Steve go shopping in St. Thomas.  He gets some really good deals down there so we thought why not.  The store there gave him a good deal on the lenses so it seemed like it was a good deal but it really wasn’t since we needed to pay for shipping and then we would have to go through customs.  Plus I have one lens a 24mm-85mm that I bought with my F100 (its a film camera that is worth absolutely nothing now so I am keeping it).

The best deal came from B and H Photo and Video. It is an amazing store in NYC and they have everything you can think of.  I have been buying there since college.  I am pretty sure my first camera Nikon F2 (which I still have and love) came from there.  I was able to get the body and a bigger lens (70mm to 300mm)for the same price as anywhere else.  Plus a bag, memory card and an extra battery.  I am so excited.

What I learned is that I really should just go to B and H.  These people really do have the best prices and Steve, who was also doing research before I sat down to do mine without me knowing, found that it is one of the most trustworthy sites in the US.  I could have saved a couple of hours and could be at a bar watching football right now.

Ok did you notice the freaky thing that keeps happening.  Steve researching so when we spoke we were in sync.

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