Day 21. January 21, 2013-Don’t forget the little stuff

Today I was so busy getting ready for a meeting with a demanding client (Yep I worked on a holiday.  It was nice no one in the office and no phones to contend with.)  that all I wanted to accomplish is putting out the garbage since tomorrow is garbage day and remembering to turn on the dishwasher since it is full.  I know you must be thinking really Espe that is not a major accomplishment.  Well actually it is because since I started this challange the little things are often not getting done.  The garbage I will remember as I see the truck passing my house.  It is hard to remember that one because you really have to be one day ahead of the schedule and right now I am not on a schedule.  The dishwasher is just one I forgot after another.  I will usually turn it on in the morning but lately as I am about to turn it on I think I should wait until after my shower and then I forget.  It happened again today.  So if I wasn’t blogging it probably would still need to be turned on.  But I did both so I am happy about that.

What I learned today is that I need to set a schedule for myself.  I have been tackling things as I get inspired but I think I need schedule out the day a little more so I can be more efficient.  If I do that I may save time by not walking around in circles or making additional trips that could have been avoided had I been more organized.

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