Day 22. January 22, 2013-I chose my friends

So it is day 22 of my new years resolution of getting something major accomplished everyday.  My sister Elena was worried that after awhile I would run of of things to do.  I always thought well then I could create things like no Facebook for 24 hours or sit in silence for 12 hours.  I could create those sort of things that I know would be impossible but worth a try.  Of course the people who know me well sort of laugh at that notion.  But I will do that just not right now.  I am in transition so I have to take each day as it comes.

What I found is that some days I leave the house at 5:30am to swim and then I end up back at my house at 10:30 pm because I did all sorts of things and I was invited to a party at the morning swim.  So what I am i supposed to do.  I have to choose between a party with friends or making sure I accomplished my task for that day.  I chose friends.  I will not apologize for that because they will always come first.

I thought about and even discussed with my friends what could I say in my blog.  We came up with a bullshit thing that I could use for my task but you know what, I would rather just admit I failed today because I chose my friends.  Seriously, I am just like that.  Family and friends will always come first.  

What I learned today is that yeah I can always make a task a reality but I am not willing to do that if I have to push my family and friends to the back burner.  I will always chose them before completing a task.  What I will do is ask them to give me some advance notice in the future so I can do both.

3 thoughts on “Day 22. January 22, 2013-I chose my friends

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