Day 23. January 23, 2013-No more remembering passwords

Today when I opened my mail there was a birthday card from Bob and Loli (my cousin and her husband) and inside there was an Itunes gift card and suggestions of how I could spend the money.  You see when they were staying here Bob helped me with some powerful apps to get organized and help me figure out a few things on my Mac.  I have always had PC’s so I am a little lost.  He has always had a Mac and is pretty up to date on this technology so I was happy to get his help.

First up on the list of suggestions was 1 Password.  This is an app that stores the logins and  passwords of your many accounts.  It can also generate complicated passwords which will make it harder to hack into your accounts.  I do not know about you but I have a password and then there are variations of it depending on the site (and I can never remember which variation I need to use so I have an encrypted book that I use to remember everything).  Really really really dumb thing to do.  Here is an article that Bob shared that explains why.

I was very excited about 1 Password when Bob told me about but he suggested I wait because sometimes it goes on sale.  Well thanks to the gift card I no longer have to wait.  So today I downloaded the app, read the instructions like 5 times and proceeded to add one of my accounts.  It took me a few times but I managed to add the account and figure out how to open up the account using the 1 Password app.   It is really cool because you only have to remember the main password.  I can do that.  Just 1 password.  I can now forget about all the others.

Another good thing that you can do is save the information in an encrypted file in a dropbox so you can access 1 Password from any computer or device.  There are other fun things but for now I am just going to concentrate on uploading all of my current accounts.

What I figured out today is that I have been a very lucky person regarding my personal accounts.  I have a friend who has had her accounts hacked on several occasions.

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