Day 25. January 25, 2013-Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries and some tomatoes

For about 3 weeks my friend Karla and I have been talking about picking strawberries.  We wanted to do that for the jams we are making to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  We have made plans and never did anything so today was the day.  We went down to Homestead to pick the strawberries.  Let me tell you picking strawberries is not only fun but you can not get any strawberries that taste as good.  Then of course the tomatoes were calling our name.  I will be canning them tomorrow.  It is so nice to pick a tomato and actually smell a tomato.

Karla and I talked and laughed and really just had a wonderful time.  It was a perfect weather day also.  Even better knowing we were the only place in the country that did not have snow, ice, or sleet.

I am so glad that I chose this as my task today. It seems sometimes you just have to make time for these sort of things.  We are so privileged to live in a place that we can do this and it is a damn shame we do not take advantage of it.  I am adding this to part of my weekly routine.  I swear I could get used to not working.

When you look at the pictures imagine the smells.  Tomatoes really smell so yummy.


Welcome Sign–Gotta love the humor


Karla getting it done


Espe and her batch



Nothing like strawberries off the plant


Our batch


Bucket full of tomatoes



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