Dat 26. January 26, 2013-Pick up dressers I bought weeks ago

My goal today was to pick up two dressers that I bought a few weeks ago.  A friend of mind said he would help as I was giving him my old dresser for his daughter and he has a van that would make it easy to pick up.  Well last time we organized this he forgot.  Today he showed up and we headed over.  These dressers are heavier than they look.  We got both of them in and he left.  That was a big mistake.  Now how do I get them out of the box.  It is a two person job.  So now I have two big boxes in my room.  Not really digging that.

I thought about posting an SOS message on Facebook but I was running around cleaning the house, running errands and cooking as I am having a friend’s daughter over for dinner.  She calls me her crazy Mom so I guess I can call her my crazy daughter.  I mean we both are a little crazy.  She is coming with her girlfriend which I have met a few times but never really have gotten to know her.

I am cooking lasagna.  It’s my signature dish and people request it all the time.  I cook it for people if they have a death in the family (can’t help it, people need food and its the one thing I can do for them at such a sad time), or if they are hurt and cannot cook or if they just simply ask.  Over the years I have made many lasagnas for the Curtis family and it seems like Emma was never around and missed out every time.  She would get so upset.  So today I made her my favorite version which is veal with gorganzola.  I hope she like it.

What I learned today is that I should have said my task was to pick up the dressers and set them up in their final resting place.  I short changed myself today by only saying pick up dressers.  I should know that whatever you say or write down is exactly was is going to happen.  Oh my I need to think these things through a little better.

(hehe I just thought that I could get my guests to help me.  Is that rude?  Probably but a girl has to do what a girl has to do right?

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