Day 28. January 28, 2013-Canning tomatoes

Today my mission was to can the tomatoes I picked on Friday.  There is a process for this but I just jumped in so that I could finish in record time since it was already getting late.  Funny thing is when you do that it usually takes longer.  And today was no exception.

 The first thing you need to do is stew the tomatoes.  This is a two-step process where you first have to remove the skin.  It’s easy to do.  You first core the tomatoes then put them in boiling water.  The boiling water basically peels the skin off for you.  Then you chop them up and start cooking.  I like to add garlic so I got that ready while the tomatoes were cooling off.  Then you just cook them until they look ready.

 It did not go that smoothly as I just started throwing the tomatoes into the water without coring.  Joke on me because that made it harder later.  Coring tomatoes when they have softened slows down the process.  I shall remember that for the next time.

 While the tomatoes are stewing I prepare the jars.  First wash, then boil and then oven dry.  This is a very important step because jars need to be sterilized.  Once that is done you then pour the tomatoes in and place the lids on the jars.  The last step is to seal the lids.  You do this by boiling the jars for about 15-20 minutes.

 I learned so much today. 

  1. Do not stuff so many jars in the boiling water; it makes it hard to pull them out.
  2. Boiling water burns when it comes in contact with skin.  Learned that lesson trying to get the over packed jars out.
  3. Burnt skin hurts.
  4. Do not use jars that have large openings.  The tools I have for canning work better with the smaller openings.  That is why I kept getting burned.
  5. If I am going to continue doing this I need better tools.
  6. I can still enjoyed myself even with the mishaps.

So the pictures below are from today’s achievement.  I produced 10 jars of stewed tomatoes.  Can’t wait to enjoy later in the summer.





3 thoughts on “Day 28. January 28, 2013-Canning tomatoes

  1. I have a huge canning pot with all kings of tongs and a big funnel, of when i was pretending to be Laura Ingalls in North Carolina. You are welcome to borrow it..cause it takes alot of space. No sense in buying one we can share. I will be canning too…likely this weekend !!

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