Day 29. January 29, 2013- Today was all about Charlie


Today was going to be about organizing the front door shelf.  It has baskets and I was going to set it up as my triathlon storage.  But when I got home Charlie was wheezing (well she started last night).  It was like she was drowning from lack of air.  So off to the vet we went.   Typical 2 hours to find out that I need to go back to the cardiologist.  I had an appointment next week so they think it could be a reaction to the new medication.  Great, she is reacting to Viagra.  Gotta love this new way of taking care of dogs.

I am concerned for Charlie because she is such a happy dog and she basically does not show that she is ill.  I only figure it out because of her behavior and the look on her face.  But that may take weeks.  And it sucks when the vet says she is in bad shape.  The main vet did say today that Charlie is a great patient and is the most cared for dog with her condition even though she is way more progressed.  I guess I am a good dog owner.

She is really cute and a loving dog.  But I cannot keep going to the vet and get additional pills to see what happens.  This does have to stop at some point.

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