Day 30. January 30, 2013-Today was about St. Jude’s bake sale

Today I had so much to do and wanted to do but the one thing that had to get done was get all the supplies I needed for the bake sale we are having for my fundraising for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  The reason I had to do it today is because the sale is on Friday and I am spending the day with one of my cousins who is arriving in town tonight.

So I ran out of the house this morning and ran some errands on the way to Homestead where the only dog cardiologist has his office.  Its a good 40-45 minute drive.  He must have been busy because i was there for almost 2 hours.  After I left I was starving but wanted to get to Dream Dinners to pick up a few things for the bake sale.  Since my sister Elena has her business in the same shopping center I called to see if she wanted to have lunch.  She had eaten already so I grabbed a sandwich and ate at her place.  I picked up my supplies and went home to drop off the dogs and the stuff I bought at Dream Dinners.  I am making lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies and blondes.  All from Dream Dinners.  The ingredients are already set up you just have to bake it so its easy.  I also wanted to make some banana bread so after working at Trijungle I had to swing by Publix to pick up flour.  When I got to the baking section I could not remember if I had kept some of the ingredients I needed when I cleaned out my cabinets.  I was like I might as well pick them up just in case.  Of course when I got home I had all that extra stuff I picked up.  Great and this stuff never runs out so now I have 3 of everything.

Well I can tell you that the banana bread looks fantastic.  I can not wait for the sale.  I did it last year with the help of my friends and we had so much fun. Here are some pictures showing the progression.

IMG_0378 IMG_0379 IMG_0380


What I learned today.  I am trying to do too much in one day and some stuff is just not getting done.  I had to slow down today and remember my resolution was one big thing a day.  I also learned I really need a list when I go to the store.  I have been a little slack in that department.

I want to eat that bread.  My house smell so good.

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