Day 32. February 1, 2013-Bake sale

So today is the day I was I was hoping would never come.  Today is the first day that the blog day and calendar day do not match.  I do not know how I will keep up with it.  It was so easy in January,  So if I mess it up just go with it.  I know I will get it wrong and it is ok.

Today my task was incredible.  We hosted a bake sale at our office and the people from the building were incredible.  They showed up all giddy and bought baked goods.  Then they came back with work mates.  Best part they came before lunch to see what we had so they could decide what to do for lunch..

What I learned today.  the office people in my building are generally happy and they either bought or just donated.

The people the came by are awesome.

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