Day 32. February 2, 2013-It was about the shelves by the front door

I have some shelves with four cubby holes by the front door that I put there 2 years ago when I started racing in triathlons to keep my gear organized.  Triathlons require a lot of gear and you need to be organized because a lot of the training sessions are brick workouts (where you do more than one of the sports) and you need to make sure you have the required gear.

Over time these shelves became the holder of all crap that comes into my house.  See picture.


Is there a top on that piece of furniture?

I could not take it anymore.  There have been so many times when I forgot something.  Once I was going to a bike/run workout.  I was so unorganized that I literally left my house twice and had to turn around for something, like my helmet (can not ride without it.  It is a team rule and well a smart thing to do).  Then I got to the starting point and realized I had no bike shoes.  So that was a complete waste of time since I was not able to ride.  Yesterday I forgot my socks for the run so my feet are a bit tender.

So when I got home I attacked the mess.  I found all sorts of things like 13 swim caps, 5 pairs of goggles, tons of sand, all the Wii components that I could not find, a Netflix video from 1 year ago (I haven’t had Netflix since they doubled the price), tools, these round things that look like feet for something but I have no idea what, whole lot of mail, magazines and a bunch of other stuff.


Swim cap anyone?

It took several hours to go through everything, throw away stuff I did not need, find homes for the stuff that did not belong and organize the gear.  So I now have a cubby hole for the swim, bike, run and one miscellaneous one for stuff like sunscreen, glide, lights that I would use on more then the one sport.  It is all nice and clean now.  I sent a picture to my husband.  He thinks in two weeks it will be a mess again.  Thanks for the confidence.


I have not seen white in years

What I learned today is that I am getting better at sticking to the task.  I did not get distracted for the first time.  I am very proud of that.

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