Day 33. February 3, 2013-Was looking for the survey to my Mom’s house but today was really about the Super Bowl

Today was Super Bowl Sunday so I knew I didn’t want to take on a huge task but still wanted to accomplish something big.  I actually wanted to make sure I was ready to watch the game.  I did my usual Sunday stuff and then set out to look for a piece of paper that contains the survey to my Mom’s house.  I know I have it somewhere but where is the question.  The problem with this task is that there is a lot of paper.  As much as I was on track yesterday to not get distracted today was very different.  I couldn’t stay focused because I kept looking at stuff and I started to throw away things from like 2002.  Really why do I have that.  Then I would think oh I need to keep my very first tax returns from when I was 13.  I was out of control.  Well I never found the survey.  But I know I have it.  I remember scanning it so it could be in one of my many external hard drives.  I can see 3 of them from where I am sitting.  Today I thought about 10 new tasks that I will be adding to my list.   I swear it seems that for each task I tackle I come up with 10 new ones.

What I learned today.  I should have made Super Bowl Sunday my task for today,    Next time.

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