Day 34. February 4, 2013- Today was supposed to be about my sister’s birthday

February 4 is my sister Ana’s birthday.  She is number 12 of our family.  All of our lives we were always looked at like twins.  We are just 1 year apart and our mother always dressed us alike so of course we were like twins.  Well not really.  It is sort of funny because there are times when we do look like twins but we definitely are not.  Our personalities are so different but it is why we are so close.  We are competitive, we give each other a hard time but we are also team mates but above all we are sisters.  A bond that can not be broken.

So today I wanted to make sure we got her a bike.  She has had knee surgery and can not run as much as she wants.  We have been talking about this bike thing for awhile so today Trijungle found the perfect fit.  Its a good birthday gift and she is so happy.  Happy birthday Banana.

The rest of the day has been spent looking at Charlie, my dog.  She isn’t well and today for the very first time gave up the opportunity to chase the lizard that was inside my house.  You see Charlie chases lizards.  At the end of each summer all the lizards at my house have no tails.  I always joked about the new breed called LIZCHARLIE.  The tailless lizard.  But those were the lucky ones that she did not eat.

When it comes to pets everyone, including the vets, talk about quality of life.  So today I looked at that.  It was clear to me that Charlie has no life.  Yes when she sees me she perks up but not for long.  Ever since she was little her life was about the lizards today it was not.  That is my sign that its time. She is such a cute dog.  And everyone loves her.  Steve and I have always said if she can’t chase the lizards then it is time..

You know as I am writing this I have just realized some things.  It’s really amazing.  Yesterday my Mom came over for dinner and to watch the Super Bowl.  She brought her dogs Lady and Bella.  My Mom comes over all the time and has NEVER and I mean NEVERbrought her dogs.  It was great they got to hang out.  Charlie was distressed but when they all calmed down it was peaceful.

What I now see as interesting is that Lady (who always snuggles up to Charlie and I mean always-especially during my travels and when my dogs stayed at my Moms house for months at a time  did not do that last night.  As matter of fact my sister made a comment about it).  So I am thinking that is also a sign.  I think dogs have a better sense of life and if I have to look back at this year I now realize Mo knew what was going on.  It was I would say to the week that Charlie started having problems that he started sleeping in the shower.  I thought it was so cute and loved it because I did not hear his snoring.  But what I now realize is that he was getting ready for the day she would be gone.  Recently like the last 2 days he has not even sneaked into my room.  He knows.  I think dogs know more about life than we do.  We must listen to them.

Yes,  I see that now.  I get it and I know what I am supposed to do.

Charlie and Mo

Mo and Charlie the day we brought her home. They could not sleep apart.

6 thoughts on “Day 34. February 4, 2013- Today was supposed to be about my sister’s birthday

  1. What a lovely essay. I’m sorry to hear about Charlie. It sounds as though you’re resolved. Oh, and a very nice gift for little sis!

  2. Great post. It doesn’t matter how much they tell us it’s time, Sabrina did the same thing, it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I know it just a pet but Sabrina was my best friend and they are always there for you. Give Charlie a hug from me.

  3. OH MY GOD !!! I cant deal with this…. Your dad came to get her, he is beside her in the picture !!
    This is soo beautiful, great writing. Lacy and Mo are ready. Our kitties knew when Hank was ready, and herold us woth his eyes, it us Humans who cant read it !!!

  4. OMG i cant write.. lady !!! And Hank told us with his eyes, in fact he comforted me as he was leaving.. He licked my arm… Ok i cant write anymore…

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