Day 35. February 5, 2013-Data plan for iPad

Today was a long day.  I had to go tag trees for a job and it took forever even though it was only 26 of them.  Picky ass client and nothing seemed to work.  We managed to pick out 15 so contractor has some more hunting to do.  There are some advantages to going to homestead and driving around.  For one thing I found a good source of bamboo for another job and I got to stop for a strawberry shake and cinnamon bun at Knauss Berry Farm.  The perks of my job.

Strawberry shakes for all.

Strawberry shakes for all.

Part of the day was making sure Charlie was not suffering too much and waiting for the vet to call me.  He had many emergencies today so it took all day.  I am heading down to see him tomorrow.

So my task today was to figure out why my data plan stopped working on my iPad.  Its been annoying me for months and today I wanted one less annoyance in my life.  It is all I could muster today.  It really could not have been more simple.  It turns out that the card on file had expired.  Why they did not send me a notice is beyond me but I fixed it.  Took like 5 minutes. So I am one happy camper now.

What I learned was that sometimes you should just deal with a situation on the spot.  Had I taken the 5 minutes 3 months ago I could have been enjoying my IPad all this time.  I really do some stupid things sometimes.  All is good in Ipad land now.

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