Day 36. February 6, 2013–Another flop of a day

So it is day 36 and i had great intentions on a task but guess what it did not happen.  I had to drive to Homestead to see the vet.  It is a 45 minute drive and the appointment was at 11:30.  I figured I would take care of some stuff and then go.  I woke up early enough but then I seriously do not know what happens but then it was time to go.

It was super busy at the vet so I waited forever, well not forever.  It would have been fine but I was starving. SInce this guy is the only cardiologist for animals in I think south Florida he gets busy.  Lots of emergencies and so forth.  Today was no different.  I don’t know how he does it but he gets through it.  His sidekick is pretty good.  They make a great team.  So once you get in everything happens fast and efficient.  I think they were sad I didn’t bring Mo in today.

Anyway that took a big part of my day then I went to the store to do a bit of work and then i went home for a manicure and a pedicure.

Thats it–who the heck has time for a task.

What I learned today.  I really need to just start things as soon as I get up.  I bet I could have gotten half done before I left for the vet.  I also learned that this is going to be a very long year.  I have 329 days left.

I am wondering what to do on the days I take vacation.  Any suggestions??

2 thoughts on “Day 36. February 6, 2013–Another flop of a day

  1. Blog on Vacation! You need to let people enjoy what happens on your vacation! Plus you plan things to do specifically on your vacation each day so you have something to blog about also vacation days are days that you are also learning and experiencing life and you should share that to.

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