Day 42. February 12, 2013-The office.

The office is a major task.  It is one that I need help with because we need to move the bike rack and to install the Elfa shelves which I ordered today.  I was on a deadline since the yearly sale was over today.  Before heading to the Bahamas I went to the Container Store to get the unit designed.  I had sketches with dimensions and all components that will be used in the proposed office.  It should have been a no brainer.  The guy who I was working with was not exactly the most detailed oriented person.    I really was not liking what he was doing and I tried to explain and he wasn’t listening so I took the stuff and told him I would come back after I revisited the room.

The system was basically broken down into 3 sections, none were the same size and the end piece just sort of stopped.  So I went back today and explained to a different person that I didn’t like it and asked why each section need to be a different size.  There was plenty of space since the entire wall was not utilized the first time around.

This girl was not much better but at least she asked for a design check and someone who was more knowledgable came out to help.  During the conversation I realized I missed one dimension which was the width of my  computer.  These people were like it will fit don’t worry.  I was like ok let me just go on line and look.  They were getting very inpatient with me.  It took 5 minutes.  Really it is their job to work with me.  I am now wondering if they work on commissions and they wanted to get to the next person.  In the end we finally got something that was uniform and I could live with.  I bought everything I needed and I can pick it up tomorrow.  Step 1 done.

Once I get everything here then I can start putting everything together and organizing the space.  I was going to start that today and empty the closet that is completely full of who the heck knows but I was overwhelmed because I did not have a place to put the stuff.  Currently that corner of the room has all the stuff that I did not know what to do with from the other projects I have already tackled.  Don’t worry pictures to come as I get through the office task.

What I learned today is that sometimes I do go back to my old self and start one thing and get distracted by another.  I suppose I can not help that but today I did realize it and stopped. Tomorrow I will tackle the closet and get the things organized for when I can hang the office unit.  Not sure when Steve’s friend can come down to help me.  So until then.

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