Day 43. February 13, 2013-Turn the junk room in to the office

So today I began the transformation of the junk room into the office.  Like I said yesterday it is a process and today began with emptying of the closet.


Right side of closet

As you can see its full.


Left side of closet

The other side is not much better.  If you notice there was some sort of organization at one point.  But it has all gone by the way side.  You know when you are in a hurry and pull something out and it doesn’t go back exactly right and you think I will fix it when I get back.  Yeah that was like 3 years ago and you never got back to it.  Well that is the status of my closet.

So I took everything out.  Holy cow.  Where did all this crap come from.


This stuff is freaking me out.

And you can not see everything in this picture.  So this is going to take a few days.

I have already started making piles.  Trash, keep, computer and audio visiual parts, goodwill and stuff to scan.  I was tempted to have a “I have no idea what this is pile” and wait until later to figure out what to do with it but decided that if I didn’t know what it was I did not need it.  Once I get everything in a pile, take the goodwill stuff and throw away the trash I can then start organizing what is left.  This should be fun.

I am on a deadline because Tuesday Ariel comes to install the Elfa office shelving.  That junk room needs to be pretty much empty.


Crap (future sitting room)




more crap (future bike area)




Bike storage (future office)

Because this room has so many windows there is not much of a choice of where everything goes so everything is moving around.

What I leaned today is that I can be easily discouraged.  When I took everything out I freaked.  I was like I just cleaned this room and now it is full of crap from the junk room. I felt like I had to get it all done tonight.  That was not even possible.  In the middle of everything I get a phone call from a friend.  He basically told me to freaking chill out.  He said take it a step at a time because you can not do it all in one day.  I asked him if he had been reading my blog.  What Blog?  He had no idea I even had a blog.  Amazing that a person on the other side of the phone could tell me to stick to my resolution without even knowing about it.  Poor guy, he just called to see if I had seen the picture of the final design for his bar.

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