Day 49. February 19, 2013-Ugh nothing worked today

Today was going to be about getting my office shelf unit installed but the guy who was going to help me was not able to make it today.  So I decided I needed to go to the office and get a head start on a project.  Of course that was a waste of time since the architect hasn’t gotten me the latest information.  I should have known better since they never send me the required information when I need it. So then I decided I needed to get my Garmin connect working again.  It has not worked for months.  For some reason the software is not working on the IMac so I figured I would use the laptop (windows version).  That thing was moving so slow but I was getting things downloaded and I thought I was actually going to accomplish this task.  It was not meant to be.  The ANT software could not be downloaded.  This is the software needed to be able to download the information from my watch.  It is really frustrating since it is supposed to be so easy.

What I learned today is that some days things just will not work out.  Today was one of those days.  I should have just given up earlier and gone to bed.  Now I am up too late.

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