Day 50. February 20, 2013-My plans were shot

So today I was so happy I was going to spend the day at Trijungle catching up.  It was my big task for the day.  That is what I thought when I went to bed last night.  I was then woken up by a text message “are you going to the groundbreaking today”.  Oh damn I thought it as tomorrow.  Well good thing I can get get ready in hurry.  This is one of my projects that I have been working on for 2 years.  It should have been built already but well the government got in the way.  So I had to go.  Got there and it had been cancelled but the architects didn’t tell us. Typical.  

Well that turned into day of inquiry.  So  I never made it to Trijungle.

When I finally got home I had to do something about the mess so I started with opening up the mail.  Seriously why is there so much mail.  It’s horrible how it builds up.  I found a bounced check that was returned in January.  Really I need to open mail more often.  This sort of thing really pisses me off.  Why can I not just open the thing the day it shows up in my mailbox.  I have been struggling with this for some time.  It is not good.  I once almost threw away a check for like 9k because I thought it was junk mail.  It was a check from my mortgage company because they over charged on insurance.  I need to get in a routine to open mail, pay what needs to be paid and throw the other crap away on the day I get it.  That is my goal.  Who wants to help me?

So I did get some stuff done like complied a bunch of papers for taxes that were unopened.  So that was good. Not my task for today but damn its a good task.

What I learned today is that man i need to start working on daily routines.  I find myself getting stuff done but then it piles up again.  LIke laundry or vacuuming or mail.  How do I work that into my daily routine.  The only routine I have is feeding the dogs.  How can I translate that to everything else in my life.

I am open for suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Day 50. February 20, 2013-My plans were shot

  1. Now you see why I am the way I am! Although I’ve been working on being less structured. Things need to be scheduled and written down or they don’t get done!

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