Day 51. February 21, 2013–Again it was about St. Jude’s

Today was about raising money for St. Jude’s as part of our team’s effort.  Today was another happy hour that helps raise money.  We had a good turnout.  I am proud of the Alien/Trijungle team.  This week everyone stepped up their game and in the last couple of days we raised about $2,000.00.  How cool is that.  My favorite conversation tonight was with Carolina.  When this whole thing started she was so worried.  She raised $125.00 in one day practically.  Individually you only need $150.00.  She was so excited.  She calculated how if everyone on our team met their minimum we could be in 2nd place.  She told me it was the first time she ever raised money and she was excited about doing more.  I love the newbies.  Raising money for such a great cause is addicting.  Can’t wait till everyone gets the bug.  It is coming soon.  You know how bugs spread quickly.

There are a few stand outs this week.  Jd and Mari killed it (over $500 each in like 2 days).  Kat was posting like a maniac and met her goal.  I am so happy to be part of your team.

What I learned today.  If you share your passion about something people will gravitate and follow you.  That was so clear this week.  I even got a congratulations from team Fedex, my biggest competition at the moment (well they are killing us on the dollar amount but not the party contest).  

It was a great day.

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