Day 54, February 24, 2013-House work

Today I was about cleaning the house.  I have been so busy with my projects that I just realized it had been a few weeks since I actually cleaned.  Well throughly cleaned.  So I started with the glass, then wood then all other surfaces.  Moved on to bathrooms and then vacuum and mop.

I am amazed how much dust gets in my house.  I have hurricane doors and windows nothing should get in.  I am assuming it is from the dogs.  It must be shedding season for them because although I pretty much sweep everyday there was more freaking dog hair on the floor than on the dogs.  Well at least it seemed like it.  In addition to all the cleaning I was doing laundry.

It was pretty much non stop for 4 hours.  I think I will wear my heart rate monitor next time.  I think it was a good workout and I must have burned some good calories.  I would love to know how many steps I took.

So I did not really learn anything today.  I already know I hate cleaning and doing laundry.  I did come to the realization that as much as I love my dogs long ears they are getting shaved next time they go in for a haircut.

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