Day 55. February 25, 2013-Kitchen floor

Today was about getting the kitchen floor fixed after 8 months of the water intrusion.  My insurance company decided that I had 30 days to prove I fixed a problem that they never gave me money to fix or they would cancel my insurance.  The letter even stated that they made an inspection.  Nice.

So the contractor showed up today (early) so my mom let him in.  What we thought was going to be ripping out a few planks of bamboo turned out to “I need to take the entire floor out.  Everything is wet and warped’.    I was like ok I might as well replace it with stone or tile.  So they ripped everything out and left me the measurements so I can go buy the tile.

I came home to a layer of dust.  I was not thrilled about that since you know how long it took me to clean yesterday.  I could not deal with it so I decided on an early dinner out at my favorite place Whisk.  Came home and thought oh I should wash Kristen’s towel so I can get it back to her tomorrow at swim practice.  Well when I opened the kitchen door to head to laundry room I found all of the debris stacked on my plants.  Right next to that is an entire area of gravel.  Seriously why do these contractors do that.  I am thinking gravel–no damage, plants lets kill them.  I mean my floor is all messed up might as well mess up my landscaping.  Not a happy camper. I had to move all this debris so I could attempt to save the landscaping.

Today was not about a lesson.  I am too mad to even see one.  I really want to kick this guy in the butt.  And now I have another task that I have to contend with.  Oh it is time for a glass of wine.

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