Day 57. February 27, 2013–The office

I woke up this morning so happy.  I was gonna tag some trees for a project, pick some strawberries, head over to Trijungle to catch up on paperwork and then go home and finally get my office shelves installed.  It was going to be one of those days of great achievements.

So I did get the trees tagged and that was a great accomplishment.  This client is a pain in the butt and really has no clue but we did it.

The strawberry picking did not happen.  I was going to go with my nemesis Karla but she has this bad habit of not answering her phone.  Today was no different.  So I headed home, I was very hungry at this point.  Good thing I had leftovers from last night so I ate really good.  I finally spoke to her as I was almost home.  She was gardening.  So much for the strawberries.  This weekend for sure.

I was on my way out the door when I get a call from Dick.  He is helping me with another project and needed a printout with additional information.  I was like no problem I am headed to the grove now.  That should have taken a few minutes and then I could get to Trijungle.  Well my route to the office was closed down because of a shooting at one of the local schools.  Cops everywhere and streets closed.  I am so glad I know the back roads and was able to maneuver around without too much hassle.  Made it to the office, made the print then totally got distracted by several other things (some productive others just plain fun).

Finally made it to Trijungle.  I really only had about an hour.  I did not get to catch up but I managed to get a few things done.  So off I went to get the Elfa shelves done.  My friends Dave and Carley came down from Ft. Lauderdale to help install the shelves and have dinner.  I could see the finished product then Dave is like you have every drill bit except the one I need.  No problem lets go to Ace Hardware.  I asked Carley if she wanted me to pick up some wine and she said that would be lovely(she’s Australian).  So Dave and I took off.  We got the drill bit then we got the wine and we were in business.  I am pouring wine when Dave comes over and says drill bit broke and the tip is stuck in the wall.  Great Ace Hardware is now closed.  I called Steve, he doesn’t answer.  I am so sure we have a dill bit kit but I can not find it.  I texted a friend who lives around the corner.  So in the mean time we are all like what do we do.  I was like well I guess we should go to dinner.  I am not driving to Home Depot, its too far.  So off to dinner we went.  Guess what I saw when we got back?  Yep a text from my friend who had the drill bit I needed.  THe funniest thing is that Dave thought maybe we should get 2 but didn’t say anything.  Then as we were talking I remembered that we had hit Ace Hardware 3 times when putting up the curtain rods (the walls are concrete).  That really did explain the missing drill bit.  It was freaking broken.

At this point I was laughing.  I am thinking the universe really doesn’t want me to have my office.  But I am thinking I am one step closer and really the hard part is done.  The holes are marked and everything is measured.  All I need is a drill bit and someone who can finish putting in the screws.

Below are the before and after photos.  PLEASE do not laugh too hard.





What I learned today has nothing to do with the failure to get this task done.  As we were sitting around waiting for Steve to call back Dave asked me about the lights in my house.


Lights. None of these work.

Most are not working and he thought maybe they turn on slowly and they had not warmed up yet. I was like nope, they just do not work.  I told him Steve always has them working when he leaves and a few weeks later they stop working.  I told him that that is the first job for Steve when he gets back is to replace the light fixtures.  I have 3 of these.  Dave said I should try replacing the bulbs with LED ones.  The halogen ones get hot and the little wires melt and the bulbs slip so the connection is lost.  The LED ones do not get hot.  Damn it was like a light bulb went off.  That makes sense.  I am going to try it since I love these lights.  When the are all working they are so pretty.

So in the end it was a good day and I learned something.

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