Day 58. February 29, 2013-Get ready for St. Jude’s bake sale

Today was about baking.  I am hosting a bake sale tomorrow to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  This is bake sale # 2 of 3 that we are having this year.  The people at our building love them and the come ready to buy.  Actually they tell us we should have them every month.

Luckily I am barely working and have time to bake.  I started with the cookies.  I made chocolate chip and white chocolate and macadamia nut.  Both are fan favorites.


Cookie heaven

As the cookies were going in and out of the oven I was making rice crispy treats.  Those are easy and basically make themselves.


Rice crispy treats ready to be cut

After that was all done I took a break to go buy tile for my kitchen.  There is a store called Beyond Surfaces that is where I bought all my tile when I first remodeled my house.  Great place and I just wanted to go back there today.  I took off with my Mom but had forgotten the name of the store but knew where it was so it should be easy to find you can see it from the Palmetto highway.  Ha the joke was on me.  First the Palmetto is under construction and in this area there are exits closed, major overpasses going in and everything just looks different.  I passed my exit so I went on to the next one.  Tried to get to the place but no luck, all I was able to do is go back south on the Palmetto.  No problem I will just get off on NW 25 Street.  No exit there so I continued to the next one.  I figured I would go North and take NW 25 Street.  The traffic was crazy, the drivers were worse and with all the changes I ended up in the wrong lane and ended up on 836 heading east.  Oh no now what.  My Mom is like do you have gas?  Yes mom I have 50 more miles to go.  She wanted me to stop at a gas station.  She was cracking me up.    She said after the 2nd wrong turn “aye I would have gone home if I had been by myself’.  I was determined to get there so there was no stopping.  So it seemed that every turn I took was wrong.  There was this one intersection that everyone was going left I went straight which led me to a dead end.  Well now I know why everyone was going left.  I turned around and decided to follow all of these cars.  Good move I finally got to the west side of the Palmetto which is where the store is.  Then we finally found it.

Funniest one liner from my Mom during this excursion.  Don’t you have one of those machines that tells you where to go?

The trip was a success.  I found a very nice tile and it was in stock so next week I can have my floor done.  I will not put a picture as I want it to be a surprise for Steve.  It is going to look so good.  The bright side of the water intrusion and the insurance company not giving me any money.

After I got back home I continued with the baking.  I started with the cinnamon cake (it took the longest to cook so figured it was best to bake that first), then to another batch of rice crispy treats and then to the banana bread.  I made 2 batches of that.


The baked goods

What I learned today is that not all cookie sheets are created equal.  I have 2 that are the same no brand name ones and 1 that is a Caphalon.  What a difference it makes to have a good cookie sheet.  Besides having the baking time consistent the cookies bake faster.  I was amazed.  Guess what I am buying in my near future.  I also learned that I could bake stuff a lot quicker if I had 2 sets of bowls and attachments for my mixer.  The washing in between batches really does slow you down.  Oh guess what else I will be buying in my near future.

My best lesson today was that my Mom is really fun to have around on a day like today.  She had me laughing through out every wrong turn.  I probably would have gone home after several wrong turns too had I been alone.  She also made it very easy to pick out tiles.  She is very good at interior design and said you need to get something like this and within minutes the girl at the store had all of the samples laid out for me to look at.  I would say 10 minutes later we were on our way home.

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