Day 87. March 30, 2013-All unexpected

Today was supposed to be about me getting back on the horse and run in a race.  Then I was going to go home and clean my house and relax.  Well it did not really happen that way.

Got up at 3:50am to get ready for my race.  It was up in Ft. Lauderdale so I work up extra early.  Not really an issue since I wasn’t sleeping any way.  Headed up and got a great parking spot.  Got my race packet and went in to set up.  First time that I get the end of the rack on the side where you want to be.  Got all set up and was a happy camper.  I then started running into to team mates.  Here is a few pictures.


Karla (my nemesis) and me


Kristin–all excited for her first race with out team

Some  who have never raced so I tried to help them out.  First race is scary to say the least.  It was funny, we were supposed to meet our coach Andy Clark at 6:15 for a meeting and a warm up.  People were headed out in wetsuits and flip flops.  I was like a warm up is a run and you need running shoes.  They were like seriously?  They were like ok but it was fun.  We ran a nice little loop and were ready to go.  Off to the start.  As we were putting on wetsuits Karla, my nemesis,  asked who wanted anti fog for the goggles.  I have never used that before so I said ok she spayed my goggles and off we went.  It was just about our time to start and I put my goggles on and I thought hmm I can’t see.  Karla asked if I had rinsed them and I said no.  Oops you are supposed to but there was nothing I could do we were 10 second from starting.  I took off and immediately my eyes started burning.  I swam like a maniac so I could get done.  When I came out of the water and took the goggles off I felt it burn even more plus I couldn’t see.

In transition I was all over the place, i squirted water in my eyes, tried to get ready for the bike more water in the eyes and no relief.  I finally just went and on to top it all off my glasses were all fogged up.  Rode the entire way with one eye shut.  The the run was no better.  Again I tried to flush my eye no relief so I just ran.  When I finished I got my medal and proceeded to the food tent.  I was hurting so bad I could not deal with it so I went to the medics.  They flushed my eye and it felt better but still hurt.  The medics told me to keep flushing so I then  joined my team for the results and awards.  I could not read my stats so I asked Andy how I had done.


My stats

His response was like considering everything you did pretty good (with a big grin on his face).  First question.  What was my run pace.  Under 10 minutes–I was like alright.  I haven’t trained in a month so I was super excited.  I then went to see how I compared in my age group.  I missed the podium by 30 seconds.  Really, I would rather miss by 10 minutes.  30 seconds.  I was mad but happy.  I knew it was because of my eye.  I was happy with the fact that I kept going despite the eye and did well.  I also just felt like myself again.

We then waited for the awards, we had a lot of people on the podium.  While we waited Andy helped me keep flushing my eye.  It seemed ok.  But when I was about to get in the car to drive home I couldn’t handle the pain and could not open my eye.  I called Karla and hoped she was still at the park which she was.  Her and Kristen rode together so I told her Kristen had to drive me so they came to my rescue.  Kristin told me I should go to urgent care so I did and found out I had major chemical abrasion and  had  2 large cuts in my eye.  Well that would explain the pain.  Here is a picture of my eye.  And this is after 2 applications of medication and lots of ice.


This is what happens when chemicals get in your eyes.

After urgent care I picked up my prescription at South Miami Pharmacy.  I had always wanted to go in there and today I was like I am in pain.  I will pay extra.  It was awesome.  It was quick and they asked about my race.  They are all triathletes and in fact are raising money for St. Jude’s.  My new pharmacy.  I then went home put the ointment in my eye and almost died it hurt so much.  I put ice on my eye and proceeded to go to sleep.  When I woke up I was like I need a shower so I did that and then called my mom.  I needed some TLC.  She picked me up and we had dinner.  Love my Mom for these sort of things that she does even though we are adults.

What I learned today.  Seriously do not do anything new on race day.  I never had before.  Why today?  I also learned that I love race day.  I also learned that Andy regardless of his tough act likes that even though I had been out sick for a month really loved that I did well today.

Day 86. March 29, 2013-Wine bar

Today I woke up with a sore throat so I decided to stay home rest and tackle the shelves in my kitchen/dining area.  It was all cluttered and I wanted to set it up as a wine, cook books and some art area.  I wanted a clean clutter free space.

First I took everything out and cleaned the shelves.  Amazing how much stuff was in there.  I took all the books and moved them to the guest bedroom.  I had opened up some space in those shelves when I moved all my landscape architecture books into the office.  Then I started adding what I wanted in the shelves.  Gathered all my cooking and jam/preserve books and placed them on the shelves for easy access.  I then needed a rack for the wine.  I wanted to make one out of mailing tubes and fill up one of the cubby holes with the tubes.  It was something I once saw on the internet and thought it would be cool.  That actually is where I got the idea for this task.  Problem was the mailing tubes were expensive.  I figured I could get something for less already made.  So happens I found a crate made with recycled materials at the Container Store.  I only wanted one of the cubby holes for the wine so I could only get a 6 bottle one.  The mailing tubes would have held more.  Maybe I can find some less expensive tubes and do that later when Steve gets home.  Here are the before and after pictures.





What I learned today is that it is really easy to make something look nice.  You just have to take the first step.

Day 85. March 28, 2013-Today I did nothing

Today all I did was actually talk to Steve.  Hadn’t spoken to him in a few days.  It was good to catch and regroup.  There are some amazing possibilities in the future.  Can not divulge these yet but when I can I will.

No lesson learned today but it was a gorgeous day and I got to ride around with the top down.  Seriously that is all that matters.  The simple things.

Day 84. March 27, 2013-Time to reflect

So today was a day to reflect. I realize it doesn’t seem like a major task but reflection is a task that we never take the time to do. I have been so busy trying to get it all done that I forgot to sit back and analyze what was happening. The last month has not been that great. Getting sick derailed my momentum and my training. I am still not 100% but I think I know why. Getting that sick I see now was the sign. You know the one that everyone is looking for.

March is the month of spring. It is a time of change and there has been many changes around me to say the least. I normally embrace change ( I mean I do call myself a gypsy) but this time I wasn’t for some reason. I am blaming it on being sick and the fact that I just wasn’t up to it.

Today I got conformation that something I have been working on for the last year is coming to an end. It was something I poured my heart and soul into. It was something that I attached to. As all my friends know I do not attach to anything so I was taken by surprise by how saddened I was to know it was over.

Thank god for this day of reflection. I believe everything happens for a reason. LIke yesterday getting to spend time with so many old friends (and new ones). Because of them things became so clear today. I know that there is something exciting about to happen. I can’t wait to see what it is.

What I learned today is that I love the fact that I do not get attached to stuff. I know some people think it is not normal but I don’t. For me it is a freedom that allows me to take risks and not be upset if it doesn’t work out. I am now free to move on to the next project. I am open and ready when it shows up.

PS. I know I messed up on some of the dates so I have 2 March 27. OOPS

Day 83. March 27, 2013-Friends and more friends

Today was such a special day.  I had planned to go to Ft. Lauderdale to meet a friend from high school who was spending a week in town.  Last year we had our 30 year reunion and it turns out my old friends come to south florida all the time so we made a pact that we would get together when they came down.

The drive to Ft. Lauderdale can be brutal so I asked my friends Carly and Dave if I could stay with them.  I decided to head up early to avoid some of the traffic.  As I was arriving in Ft. Lauderdale Carley called and said I had to go to see Jo another friend that I haven’t seen in a million years.  She was house sitting so I went over.  That was such a nice surprise to see Jo.  As usual we sat down with a bottle of wine and caught up and planned another get together.  Carley then joined us and we hung out until it was time to meet John and Karen for dinner.  Carley dropped me off and I was going to take a cab back.

John, Karen and their kids (Kayden and Colin) were already there.  We went to Bimini Boatyard.  It is close to where they were staying and its on the water so you get a nice view.  It was so much fun.  I had never met Karen before so it was nice to meet her.  We talked about all sorts of stuff including my Dad’s book.  Karen was so interested in his story so I am sending her a copy of the book.  We then ended up talking about triathlons and marathons.  It’s crazy that so many people from my class participate in them.  So the plan is for them to come race one in Miami.

During dinner, well actually before we even sat own, Kayden wanted to go look for manatees.  She was needing to go.  Parents were like not yet lets sit down first.  So she wrote this note.


The note that worked

She and Colin went out to look but sadly there were no manatees around.

After dinner John and Karen ended up taking me back to Carley and Dave’s place.  I hadn’t been at their new place so we put the info into the Garmin.  Karen put street instead of avenue so we ended in the wrong place.  Luckily the correct place was just a few blocks away.  Before they left we had to take a picture for Facebook.  So Carley was nice to come out and take it.


Karen, Kayden, Colin, John and me

It was still pretty early so it was great to hang out with Carley and Dave.  A typical fun night with them as well.  There was a nice little surprise on the guest bed.  This dog cracked me up.


The dog.

What I learned today is it doesn’t matter how much times goes by true friends will act like they  just saw you yesterday. I also learned that meet ups by accident are the best.  Thank you friends.

Day 82. March 26, 2013-Get papers in order for my accountant

Tax season is among us so I thought I better get mine done.  That of course means collecting everything I need.  I am hoping that next year since I will be so organized I will not have to collect.  I will just print and be done with it.

So today I spent a couple of hours getting it all together.  I also made a list of the things I was missing so I could finish that up.

What I learned today is that since I take advantage of every possible tax benefit I have a lot of accounts.  It sure would be much easier if I could just max everything out in one account.  Oh but I guess that would make life too easy and the government can’t have that.

Day 81. March 24, 2013-Pictures and Basketball

Today I finished the organizing of the photos and slides.  After the count I decided I needed the 2000 picture package so I ordered it.  They will be sending the box and the mailing labels.  Once that was done I cleaned up a little and headed out to watch some basketball games.  Between the Heat and NCAA tournament there was plenty to watch.  I spent a relaxing afternoon with some random people.  The best was Barbara.  She was having dinner with family and friends.  She must have been around 70 years old.  She kept coming up to the bar where I was sitting to see what was happening with the Heat game.  She was not happy with how they were playing.  I told her I would come let her know when we started playing better so she could enjoy her dinner. After a few minutes we finally picked up the game and proceed to kick some but.  I went back and gave her the thumbs up and you could just see how happy she was.  She had some mighty fine spunk.  I imagine that will be me some day.

What I learned today is that it feels good to get the picture project finished.  That had been on my list for years.  I am very happy about that.

Day 80. March 23, 2013-Pictures and more pictures

Today there were a few things going on like an egg hunt at Trijungle and getting some drawings finished for a project.  But my task for the day was to get pictures and slides ready to send off to scan.  A colleague of mine told me about Scancafe where you send your pictures and they scan and send back to you at a pretty decent price.  You have several options and if you buy a package it really is cheap.  Go to and check out this really cool company.

This is a big job as I am a picture freak and always have been.  I have tons of pictures and just as many slides.  I decided to buy a package so I need to figure out the number of pictures I will be sending.  I started with the pictures I had in boxes.  They were divided by places and labeled.  As I was counting I threw out pictures that were not that great.  I then put them into baggies and labeled them with the amount of pictures. That was going pretty good but then I started running into cute pictures and I started remembering things.  So then I was like ok, I’ll take a picture of this and text it or put it on Facebook.  It will only take a minute.  Well that ended up taking longer because people started texting back and then it turned into a conversation and well I am sure you can just imagine how my project came to a almost a complete stop.

Here are a few pictures that I found.


Me, Ana and Debbie in the keys


Lena and Autumn at 1st family reunion


Carlos (holding Michael), Lena, Gonzo, Cheryl and Autumn at 1st family reunion


John Michael and Tia Tota at 1st family renion


Ana Maria and Tia Tota at 1st family reunion


Tony and Autumn at 1st family reunion


Stacy, Mary, Mel and me at some high school party


I then moved on to my slides.  I have slides that were in sleeves and some that were in little boxes.  I imagine the ones in the sleeves were the ones I had in carousels.  Those would have been my best slides.  It has been so long since I have looked at these that I can not remember why I had some in boxes.  I even had boxes labeled duds.  I am completely mystified as why I would keep slides that I once deemed duds.  Not knowing for sure I had to check them.  This took awhile since I had to compare with the ones in the sleeves.  I ended up staring a stack of I am not sure what to do with these.  I guess I will determine that when I get a final count for my package.  CRAZY I know.

I did not finish this task today but I made really good progress.  I will finish up the slides and then send this pile off.  I will then deal with the photo albums.  They are not in my way at the moment.  I will send them off when they are.

What I learned today is that it is really fun to look at pictures and run into old memories. A perfect example is the picture of my girlfriends and me.  I would never had remembered that party had I not seen the picture.  Once I saw the picture I remember it.  I even remember the shoes I was wearing all though you can’t see them in this picture.  Another example is the picture with Ana (my sister) and Debbie (my cousin).  We had gotten in a text conversation after I sent her the picture and she said she had not remembered how much time we had spent together as kids.  I can not wait to get all of the pictures scanned.  I can then do slideshows and have them running on my computer.  It will be fun to run into old memories at random times.  I can’t wait to see what happens.

Day 79. March 22, 2013–Its all about the hair

So this week has been hard.  I have been off track and needed to regroup so today I decided that in order to get my spirits up I needed to get my hair done.  I do not know about you but for me a new haircut can change my entire outlook.  It may be the cut or it could be the time spent with my hairdresser Teresa.  She is great.  I love our conversations.  Besides making me look great Teresa is spiritual and it is nice to talk to someone who goes to church, teaches bible study, feeds the homeless and still loves to eat fine food and drink nice wine.  She is a real person and really I should get there more often.

I have this problem that I know I need to get my hair done then it takes weeks before I get in.  Sometimes Teresa will leave a card on my car to give me a hint that I haven’t been there in a while,  even then it takes a couple of weeks to get in there.  I made this appointment a couple of weeks ago which for me is pretty good.  I normally call a few days before and always in a panic.  So today I was ahead of the game.  As usual it was busy and it took way longer than I anticipated but that is how I operate.

During the week I thought you know I should just get in on a regular schedule but did nothing about it.  But the lady who is now scheduling for Teresa approached me and basically made me make the appointment.  She is good–you are not saying no to her.  So now maybe I will be able to go on a timely fashion and it will not take so long to make my hair look nice.

As usual I never know what I want done so today we started with color and hi-lites.  I knew i wanted to go lighter and a basic trim.


Step one—–Foil


Step two- steam dryer (or better known as space ship)


Step three-after the wash. waiting for my turn


So it was going all good and Teresa was almost done and then  she says ” I wish you wanted bangs”  I was like yeah I want bangs but with my training I do not know what I would do when the bangs got too long.  She said “well you live 2 blocks from here, come buy and I would trim then in like 2 minutes for free”,  I was really, I didn’t know you did that.  So I said ok bangs it is.  She looked at me like really.  I said if you are willing I want bangs so she did it.  Now here is the best part.  While she was cutting the bangs she said to me–you know I can always drive by after work and trim your bangs all you need to do is come out to the street.  I was like a drive by trim–I am in.  So there you go.


New hair with bangs.

So once I left I was like crap,  nice hair and no one will see it.  I called my mom, sister and brother they were all busy. I wanted to go out but with who.

What I learned today.  Next time i get my hair done I need dinner plans.  My hair will never look this good again until my next appointment.