Day 59. March 1, 2013–Bake sale

Today was really about the St. Jude’s bake sale.  I really want to raise as much money as I can so the bake sale helps me do that.  Plus it is awesome to see the people in the building get excited about helping the cause.

My goal is $10,000.00.  I am not doing as well as I had wanted but I am still working on it.  If you are reading this and can donate please do.  If you can not can you share it with some of your friends.  They may jump at the chance to donate to this charity.  The link to my page is

The bake sales them selves are easy but getting ready for them are exhausting.  I am lucky to have help.  Barbie, Aida and Silvana baked for the bake sale.  Barbie and Aida have done so for all of my sales and have done great stuff.  Silvana has joined in this last bake sale.  Regardless, these ladies did a great job this week for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  I am so blessed to have these kinds of friends.

What I learned today is that people are totally unpredictable.  What we sold last bake sale did not sell today.  Who knows why but I now know to change things up a bit.

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