Day 61. March 3, 2013-Helping neighbors

Today was about spending time with my next door neighbors who are moving to Cary, North Carolina.  These guys are great and I hate to see them leave but one can not pass up a good opportunity.  I went by in the afternoon to see how they were doing and to bring them a bottle of champagne.  They were supposed to leave that night but from what I saw no way.  I had invited my Mom for dinner so I had to leave.  During dinner I got a text.  Did I have more champagne.  I wrote back i’ll be over in a few with another bottle.  That was around 8pm.  It did not look like they progressed much.  At this point more neighbors had come over to help and it was needed.

I have moved a million times and know exactly what needs to get done before the truck shows up.  Doug has lived in this house since he was born so about 40 years.  He doesn’t know what to do for a move plus I am sure he was having some emotional moments about leaving his house.  Deirdre was overwhelmed and sick so she was struggling.  She kept moving around but not getting much done.  So I just started in the kitchen.  It took several hours and 3 of us to get the kitchen finished.  Then we moved on to the other rooms.  Although a lot of the big stuff was out already there was way more to go.  So Doug went out and got us more fuel (Pinot noir).  That kept me going and I finally rolled out around 1:30am.  I am not sure at what time they finally left but they were gone by the time I got home from work.

What I learned today is that good neighbors are hard to loose.  I also learned that it really is a good idea to go through and clean out cabinets, closets and sheds every few years and get rid of at least the expired stuff.  We threw out so much stuff they didn’t even know they had.  The good part of the night was that they gave me their fire pit and when I left this morning they had left me some fire wood.  I am going to miss them.


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