Day 62. March 4, 2013-Look for photos of the Southbanks bougainvillea trellis

Our office has a project where we are doing a report and we have included lots of pictures to convey our ideas and thoughts.  It is standard practice to get the photos from the internet.  So as we are finalizing this report we were informed that we had to use our own photographs or get written permission to use the photographs we got from the internet.

One of the images is the bougainvillea trellis at Southbanks, a park in Brisbane Australia.  I have been there a million times and have photographed it many times so when given the task to find my photograph I was like yeah no problem.  Little did I know I was not going to be able to find them.  I have gone through all my photo albums BD (before digital), 2 computers, 3 portable hard drives and nothing.  I know I have the photos but where.  There is one portable hard drive that I can not find.  The pictures must be there along with hundreds of character images I had been collecting over the past 18 years.  I suppose I lost track of the drive since it was so easy to go on line and get the required images.  I did manage to find one in one of my photo albums.


Bougainvillea trellis, Southbanks Parklands, Brisbane, Australia

What I learned is that over time my photographs are all over the place.  Sometimes I have copied them as a back up so some of my images have been copies multiple times since I wasn’t sure if they had been backed up. Organizing of my photographs is now on the task list.

I also learned that it is hard to look for a particular picture.  I probably spent more time looking at the photos that I should have but I had to look at them.  Most of them are from trips that  have taken so it was fun to look at them.  Then of course I had to post on Facebook and well before I knew it it was time for bed.

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