Day 63. March 5, 2013–Sick day

Today I am taking a sick day from my major task.  For the last five years since I have been back to the U.S. and back at my job at Curtis + Rogers I have not taken a sick day.  I do not even remember taking one the entire time I was in Australia.  Go figure I need one now that  am no longer a full time employee with benefits.  I did work today instead of getting back in bed when I started feeling sick.  It all started with a sore throat.  I can usually kill that with Strepsils (or as Magui calls them ‘magic throat pill’) but I had run out.  Steve was sending me some but I haven’t gotten them yet. I asked a friend is she had any and she was going to bring me some but never did.

What I learned today.  Take the sick day.

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