Day 63. March 6, 2013-Sick day 2.

It is funny when I started this process in January I never thought about what I would do if I was sick.  It never crossed my mind since it is rare that I get sick.  So rare in fact that this morning I went into the medicine cabinet to look for some Tylenol.  I found some plus a few other pain killers (I think these must be Steve’s).  All were expired since 2008 and the bottles were full so as you can see I do not need these sort of things very often.  What I normally take is Beroccas, which is basically vitamin B12 and C.  This pretty much keeps my immune system in tact and the reason I do not get sick.  They are also good if you drink a bit too much the night before.  This past weekend when we were helping the neighbors everyone was sort of sick so I gave them some Berrocas.  What I did not realize is that I ran out in the process.  Big Big Big mistake.

Today I had a meeting that I could not get out of.  As I was arriving at City Hall there was a CVS so I ran in and found some liquid Tylenol (well the equivalent since you can not get Tylenol anymore).  Best stuff ever, starts working very quickly.  This meeting really hurt today because the traffic was unbearable and I basically drove 2.5 hours f0r a 10 minute meeting.  Client was happy so I guess its worth it.    I got home and slept for 4 hours.  When I woke up I called my Mom to see if you would pick up some chicken soup from Larios.  Larios is a cuban restaurant and every cuban knows the chicken soup from a cuban restaurant is as good as penicillin.  It is the cure all.  So I got my soup.  Thank you Mom.


Cuban penicillin

What I learned today is that never never never give your Beroccas away.  I find myself handing these out all the time.  I can’t help it I want to make sure people aren’t sick.  Never again (except for my Mom and Aida who actually replace them and both brought me some today).  So please people get your own.  You can order them on Amazon.

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