Day 66. MArch 9, 2013-Its about time

So this morning I woke up pain free.  I got up slowly to make sure it was true.  It was and I was so happy.  It was perfect timing since last night I took the last bit of liquid tylenol that I had.  I am not one for pills and stuff like that but I will have to say that the antibiotics came through on the third day.  I was not hopeful at all.  But I think since I was not today waking up pain free was a nice surprise.  Actually I dreamt last night that I was drinking a beer so as I was waking up I knew I was going to be feeling better.  You may be thinking yeah right but one thing about me is that my dreams are vivid and I remember almost all of them and they all relate to what is happening in my life.  Sometimes I wake up and need to look around before I realize where I am.  It is sort of freaky sometimes.

So today I took my dogs for a walk.  Poor Mo has been missing them and he has not been a happy camper.  He has been a handful this week. Charlie on the other hand has been by my side the entire time but she knows what it is like to be sick.  She was so cute.  If I moved she was right behind me to make sure I was ok.

What I learned today is that once in a while you must take the antibiotics and they really do help.

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