Day 67. March 10, 2013-A little bit of everything

Today I slept in mainly because of the time change so I was late all day.  I wanted so bad to tackle a big task but I knew I didn’t have enough time so I went for the little stuff.  But a lot of little stuff.  The biggest one was order a remote control to turn on the light and fan in the new office.  Who the heck knew it would take 5 minutes to do.  I have been sitting in the dark for almost a year since Charlie ate the remote and I thought it was going to be so hard to find one.  Nope.  Took 5 minutes.  It will be here in 2 days.  Crazy I know.  After that it was just one thing after another I just kept going.  It was great.  The last thing was delivering some stuff I bought for my Mom.  Good thing I waited till the end for that.  A visit at her house turned into going to look at an abandoned house (and I mean walking around and looking in all the windows-and resigning as we went along), stopping at another house in mid renovation, getting a tour by the guys mother (who wanted to marry him off and get the new wife pregnant in like 3 days), deciding to help him fight the county because they are tearing out all the trees and palms at his canal (which I find ridiculous because it will kill the embankment), a wine taste test and then dinner.  It was so much fun.

What I learned today is that do the stuff you are avoiding first.  It will amaze you when it turns out to take no time at all and will motivate you to get the rest of it done.  Seriously, I get in the way of being organized because I am too lazy to deal with it.

I also just want to say I love having spontaneous days with my Mom.  She freaking cracks me up. You should have seen her when we were trespassing and looking at that abandoned house.

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