Day 68. March 11, 2013-I got distracted

So today my plan was to get home and figure out how many pictures I want in the scanning package that a co-worker told me about.  The Scan Cafe will take you’re photos and scan them crop them, make them look as good as possible and send everything back on a CD.  It is a great deal and if you are not in a hurry they have great packages (or kits as they call them).  1000 photos 2000 or 5000.  I wanted to just get an idea of how many photos I had so I could buy the kit.  They will send you the box and mailing label so really it is so easy.

Well today was the finale of the Bachelor.  I got sucked in this season (I mean Sean was so cute) and wanted to watch.  I was going to do the picture thing while watching but man everyone kept calling me so I completely forgot. So I got nothing accomplished.  Well nothing major.

What I learned today.  Man I get distracted easily.

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