Day 72. March 15, 2013-Technology

Today I needed to get some large files to a client.  There is about 11 zip files so I was going to put them on the architect’s FTP site.  I was thinking no problem I will log in to the office from home and get it done.  Tried 3 times and nothing.  I kept getting critical error messages.  I figured it must be because I am logging in from home and it was to much for the computer to handle so I drove in to the office.  Same thing critical error.  Sent a message to the architect who has the FTP site.  Never heard from him so files never got to the client.

Technology is a wonderful thing when it works.  But what I realized today is that before we had FTP sites and emails, work was so much more fun.  We took the time to meet and coordinate with consultants.  We took the time to print the drawings.  Looking at things on paper makes it easier to pick up on mistakes.  Now we just send pdf or jpeg and hope for the best.  It was also a much slower pace life.  We didn’t need to be instant.  Now everything is I need it now.  I love it when people send an email and call as they are sending it and ask if we got the email.  They get all freaked out if you say no.  Last year I decided to only read emails twice a day.  It was great.  I actually got work done.  Then somehow I went back to checking every time one popped onto my screen.  Gotta get back to the twice a day.  It is a much better way to live and work.

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