Day 73, March 16, 2013- Mani Pedi

Today I was feeling very lazy so after my bike ride I decided it was time for a manicure and pedicure. It’s been on my list for awhile.  I used to get a manicure every week and pedicure every other week.  I used to go to my friend’s house and it was our time to solve all the problems of the world.  But it’s been a good year since we have done that so I am not on such a regular routine  anymore.  Maria my manicurist was able to come by around 11:30.  It was awesome.  It’s been weeks since I had one and it was needed.  I love Maria, she comes to my house at all times and will make special trips if required.  She even came over on Thanksgiving day last year.

What I learned today is that a manicure can lift your sprits immediately.

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