Day 74. March 17, 2013-Dog haircuts, car washes and St. Patrick’s Day

Today was all about getting the dogs groomed, washing cars and of course celebrating St. Patrick’s day.  St Patrick’s day is special here is why:

17 years ago today at around 10pm on a Sunday night I met Steve at an Irish Pub. That day I was sitting by my pool and a friend Dana O’Brien Brown came by and asked me if I wanted to go have a beer. I said ok let me take a shower and she said no just throw some shorts on which I did. That was at 1pm. I was in rare form to say the least when I met Steve. Funny thing is he still has my business card in which I scribbled (not sure how he read the number) my cell phone number and still remembers what I was wearing and that my hair was a mess (some things never change). I guess its true if someone likes you at your worst they are gonna love you at your best. ****A little side note Dana so happened to have met her husband that same day, actually he was the reason I got to meet Steve. They are both australian and Jay approached Steve and brought him to our table where Jay and Dana had already started their way to now.  Steve and I celebrate today not our wedding anniversary.  First its funner and 2nd its easy to remember.  We often forget our actually wedding anniversary.

So I woke up and delivered the dogs to the groomers.  They had bad hair day for the last week.  I was embarrassed to take them they way they looked but I had no choice.  So then I proceeded to wash Steve’s car which was disgusting (I found Mc Donald’s wrappers under the seat.  When I told him he responded yeah possibly.  I was like no for sure).  I finished his car and then proceeded with mine.    Mine was not as bad but still bad.  This task has been on my list for awhile.  We now have 2 shiny cars.

I then took a shower and got dressed for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.


Tights, green nails and beer

I then proceeded to the store for some more beer and wine (I wanted to take some wine and needed a screw top).  People were so excited when I walked past them at Whole Foods.  They really liked the hair.  It was funny and everyone wished me a Happy St. Patrick’s day.  I then went to pick the dogs up.  The lady couldn’t figure out who I was but then as soon as I spoke she knew “oh Mo and Charlie right”.  She made me go to the back so the groomers could see me.  They were psyched.  Mo was on the table and he was like who the heck is that.  Very funny.


All clean and no hair–so cute


Mo a little freaked by my hair


Charlie showing me some love ( I was at a red light with my brakes on)

So now its time to celebrate.  Here are some pictures with my friends.


Debbie, me and Cindy (on the walk in, the girls were shocked at all the honking)


Valeri, Me, Lily, Debbie, Jake and Jorden (Lily called me a super freak)


Cindy, me and green beer


John, Cathy and me (feeling like a leprechaun)


Me with my green hair and wine in glass.

What I learned today is that if you take your car to car washes they really suck.  It seemed like the cars had never been vacuumed under the mats or the seats.  I also learned that green hair (ok and funky tights) on St. Patrick’s day is a hit.  It was obvious between all the honks on my walk in to the party and the people who just had to take a picture with me.  Happy St. Patrick’s day to all.

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