Day 75. March 18, 2013-Help my Mom with a Citibank issue

So today my task was to call Citibank on behalf of my mother.  She had a credit card account with Citibank since the 90’s.  On March 8th she went to use the card and it didn’t work.  She was so upset she actually called from the parking lot of the place she had been.  They informed her that the account was closed and she was not the owner of the account and they couldn’t tell her anything and that she would be getting a letter.  OMG my mom was super upset and she would not let it go although we could not do anything until the letter came.  I heard about this all weekend and so did everyone else who was in contact with her.

The letter ( which was written on March 8, the day she called) came over this past weekend and basically said that the account was going to be closed on February 28, that the balance was going to waived and that it would be taken off of her credit report.  It also stated that the decision to cancel was because of the credit report and that what was reported as her income was not sufficient.  So we got her credit report.  It was perfect, everything said open/never late or closed/never late and nowhere did it mention her income.  Frankly it is no ones business.

So my first thought is why is Citibank eating the balance and why did they not send a letter in February.  Mistake after mistake which was making my mom crazy which means making me crazy.  So I called.  First call they hung up on me before I finished explaining the reason for my call.  Second call explained that account was in probate and when I was being transferred call was disconnected.  Called back and finally spoke to someone at probate who explained that the letter they sent was wrong (yeah no kidding).  The real reason the account was cancelled is that after my father died and the account was transferred to my mother’s name there was missing information. This account was transferred 3 years ago.  So to fix the mistake Citibank sent a letter in November with time sensitive information request.  The letter apparently was asking my Mom’s income and if she had a mortgage, information she gave to the bank 3 years ago.

I told the lady on the phone that my mother never received the letter.  Her response was that they did not get any returned mail so it meant my mom was unresponsive.  So I asked how did they have proof since it was not certified and no one signed for it and this shocked me when she said our procedure is to send out one letter and if it doesn’t come back we close the account.  I was really no second letter.  She said no and she could not reverse anything (like if we really want to reverse this).

I asked her why Citibank would eat the balance sounds like bad business to me when my mom was more than willing to pay her debt.  No answer for that.  So I know the call was being recorded and I said you know you guys have lost a very good customer and it seems that a corporation this large should reconsider their procedures.  One letter is ridiculous.  Mail gets lost all the time.  She didn’t seem to care about what I was saying.  Good riddance Citibank you guys suck.

The worst part is my mom still wants to pay the balance.  I told her she better not.  It’s their loss, let them have it.

What I learned today is loyalty doesn’t get rewarded.  I am going to rethink my banking and credit card options.  No more big corporations for me.

4 thoughts on “Day 75. March 18, 2013-Help my Mom with a Citibank issue

  1. So sorry your Mom had to endure this craziness! Change to a credit union account. They treat their members really well and now they are pretty easy to join. All the best to you and your Mom.

  2. Another option is USAA. It’s possible she may be able to join thru your brother’s military service. Not sure but worth a try. Love them. The negative for your mom may be no local offices. All banking etc is done online, phone or snail mail. Deposits can be mailed, direct deposit or scanned and uploaded to their website.

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