Day 76-78. March 19-21, 2013 A lot of movement but no accomplishments

The last couple of days have been busy but seriously not many tasks getting completed or at least it doesn’t feel like it.  I have been getting home late and that has kept me from writing.  One day turned in to 3 days.  Its funny I can barely remember what I set out to do these past few days.  Let em see if I can re create them.

So on Tuesday I set out to watch all my taped TV shows.  I am thinking about getting rid of my ATT Uverse,  it’s kind of a waste of money.  I never watch TV live, I always watch the recordings.  But before I cancel I need to watch what I have taped.  I did make some progress but still have a lot left.  I was up way too late and that is not good.

Wednesday and Thursday was about getting Regalia (one of my projects) finished.  Its a nice project but a crazy way of building.  No one talks to you until 2 days before they are pouring the level you stuff is on and then they tell you major wall are being taken out and the drainage has changed.  I have never experienced this kind of crazy.  I am almost finished.  Couple more hours and then its printing time.

Wednesday and Thursday was also about making sure our team met our fundraising goal.  We were so close to the $25,000 mark and it appeared like we had hit a plateau.  I was getting worried so I was constantly checking our page, sending out messages, adding auction items to Facebook and so forth.  I am happy to report that yesterday we met our goal.  Now time for a new goal as we still have 16 days before the race.  No need to stop now.

What  learned these past few days is that blogging about what I did is important.  It keeps me focused and gives me a purpose to tackle the task at hand.  The last few days I was feeling down.  I was getting so upset at everything around my house.  I wanted to just start throwing things away.  I am starting to realize that sometimes things need to get worse before they get better.  Thats where I am at.

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