Day 79. March 22, 2013–Its all about the hair

So this week has been hard.  I have been off track and needed to regroup so today I decided that in order to get my spirits up I needed to get my hair done.  I do not know about you but for me a new haircut can change my entire outlook.  It may be the cut or it could be the time spent with my hairdresser Teresa.  She is great.  I love our conversations.  Besides making me look great Teresa is spiritual and it is nice to talk to someone who goes to church, teaches bible study, feeds the homeless and still loves to eat fine food and drink nice wine.  She is a real person and really I should get there more often.

I have this problem that I know I need to get my hair done then it takes weeks before I get in.  Sometimes Teresa will leave a card on my car to give me a hint that I haven’t been there in a while,  even then it takes a couple of weeks to get in there.  I made this appointment a couple of weeks ago which for me is pretty good.  I normally call a few days before and always in a panic.  So today I was ahead of the game.  As usual it was busy and it took way longer than I anticipated but that is how I operate.

During the week I thought you know I should just get in on a regular schedule but did nothing about it.  But the lady who is now scheduling for Teresa approached me and basically made me make the appointment.  She is good–you are not saying no to her.  So now maybe I will be able to go on a timely fashion and it will not take so long to make my hair look nice.

As usual I never know what I want done so today we started with color and hi-lites.  I knew i wanted to go lighter and a basic trim.


Step one—–Foil


Step two- steam dryer (or better known as space ship)


Step three-after the wash. waiting for my turn


So it was going all good and Teresa was almost done and then  she says ” I wish you wanted bangs”  I was like yeah I want bangs but with my training I do not know what I would do when the bangs got too long.  She said “well you live 2 blocks from here, come buy and I would trim then in like 2 minutes for free”,  I was really, I didn’t know you did that.  So I said ok bangs it is.  She looked at me like really.  I said if you are willing I want bangs so she did it.  Now here is the best part.  While she was cutting the bangs she said to me–you know I can always drive by after work and trim your bangs all you need to do is come out to the street.  I was like a drive by trim–I am in.  So there you go.


New hair with bangs.

So once I left I was like crap,  nice hair and no one will see it.  I called my mom, sister and brother they were all busy. I wanted to go out but with who.

What I learned today.  Next time i get my hair done I need dinner plans.  My hair will never look this good again until my next appointment.

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